EVNCPC selected HHM is a Distributors and Trade Representative for The Electronic Meters

On 10/28/2013, EVNCPC celebrated signing a contract with HuuHong Machinery joint stock company (HHM) for distribution and trade representatives meter electronic products produced by EVNCPC. Join conclusion, the representative EVNCPC Mr. Tran Dinh Nhan - Deputy General Director, HHM representative industrial equipment malfunction Ms. Vu Thuy Linh Thach - Chairman and CEO. Attended, witnessed the signing ceremony were Mr. Tran Dinh Thanh - Chairman and CEO EVNCPC, the Board, the Division of Corporation EVNCPC and Industrial Equipment malfunction. 

The meeting between EVNCPC and HHM

    At the request of HHM in the distribution and trade representative for the electronic meters by Information Technology Company Central Power (CPC IT) EVNCPC of production, process and cooperation between HHM also EVNCPC HHM showed unit capacity, reputation in the field of distribution, electronic meters offer the kind, EVNCPC have decided to go to this company is a distributor and representative of commercial products EVNCPC e-mail.

Contract signing ceremony between the two units

After the two sides agreed, HuuHong MachineryJoint stock company is the exclusive distributor and representative for product commercial electronic meters by EVNCPC production for the domestic market and exports , except for the units under EVNCPC; agreed to sign a contract with the specific substantive provisions for implementation.

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